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Welcome to the website of Indesign! Indesign is a company dedicated to RF technology and advanced solutions in electronics. On this website you will soon find more information about our company and our products.

Indesign Innovations is specialized in RF Identification technology and innovations. Indesign has developed products for tracking and tracing.

- Labelling of hospital equipment
- Hands free access control system for magazines and shops
- Labelling of pallets
- Access control system for ski resorts
- Identification of ships and yachts

Labelling of hospital equipment

The Hospital Equipment Labelling System can be used to identify the tool baskets for surgery. The baskets contain a transponder, which is able to endure temperatures up to 200 degree centigrade.

The baskets can be read by fixed readers on desks etc. and by a wireless reader stick. A mini label can identify big and heavy equipment. Using the Hospital Equipment Labelling enables hospital to have almost perfect control over the total equipment.

RF Hands Free Control System

Designed for small installations in shops and magazines, parking garages, service flats etc. This stand-alone system has ergonomic use as first priority. Computers and software are not necessary.

With the RF Hands Free Control system you can protect the access of the entrances and exits. It uses carts to identify the users up to a maximum of 150. The system uses audio support. The antennas have a simple one winding system that makes it easy to install.

Coming soon: Inventory protection system

This anti-deft system contains active transponders, which can be detected by antennas; a central computer can control the signals. In the case of theft the antennas will immediately detect the place of the transponders.